Hello and welcome to my small corner of the web.

My name is Jeremy, I’ve been working the web since early 2000.

I’m a senior web developer and programmer at a school for kids with special needs.

In addition to website development, I manage the web and database servers, database cluster and elasticsearch engine. I also work on some of our IOS apps.

What I Write About

I write about linux, web development and javascript. I write about things I’ve learned from the time I’ve been developing websites and the tools used to make my life in doing so easier.


My expertise focuses on web & application development. I’ve worked on numerous websites over the years. Custom content management systems (CMS), javascript tweaks & edits, integration between this & that. Custom import & export scripts. Ecommerce modifications, integration and product importation.


I’ve tried many different tools over the years. Here is my current list of must haves.

Additional tools that are great